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Sleep Studies

Polysomnography and CPAP Titration

We offer overnight as well as daytime polysomnographic testing in our clean, comfortable and spacious facility.  A sleep study allows us to view a picture of one’s breathing and body function while asleep. 

The sleep technologist will attach many sensors to a patient’s forehead, chest, arms and legs in order to allow the monitoring of breathing rate, heart rate, oxygen levels, muscle movements as well as brain wave function. The sleep technologist will monitor the patient’s status from the control room next door, using the newest and most technically advanced Embla® Remlogic equipment.

We also perform complete titration for continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) and two-level CPAP (BIPAP).  Multiple Sleep Latency Testing is performed during the daytime to assess a person’s wakefulness by measuring how rapidly one falls asleep. 

Sleep Test Instructions

The sleep test is a painless test used to monitor your well being while sleeping, without the use of needles, x-rays, sedatives or anesthesia.  The test monitors brain waves, sleep patterns, breathing rhythms, oxygen in the blood stream, heart function, and muscle activity.  We request that you wash your hair the day of the test and avoid using hairsprays, oils or relaxers.  Please avoid using nail polish or artificial nails on at least two fingers.

Try to limit or avoid caffeine the day of the study.  Please continue to use your regular medications and eat your usual diet.  Patients having daytime MSLT testing are asked to bring a snack or lunch.  You may bring reading material, favorite pillows or stuffed animals.  Please bring pajamas or nightclothes as well as toiletries with you.  Patients are asked to arrive between 7 and 8 pm and may leave anytime after 6 am.

DME CPAP Supplies

We are proud to be the only DME supplier in the Virgin Islands accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. We dispense, service and fit CPAP, Bi-Level, and ASV devices and supplies. For convenience we also offer an auto-ship program. Our physicians and technologists employ a state-of-the-art compliance program to ensure all of our patients receive the optimal benefit from their treatment. 

Sleep Surgical Procedures

For those patients who are not able to tolerate or comply with more conservative therapies, Dr. Shapiro and Dr. Smolarz can perform sleep surgical procedures to improve and alleviate many sleep disorders. Many of these minimally invasive procedures can be done in our office or fully accredited surgical center.